Construction of Payra - Gopalganj - Aminbazar 400kV Transmission System
Objective(s)• To construct transmission infrastructure for evacuating proposed LNG based combined cycle 3600 MW NWPGCL power stations at Payra (Patuakhali).
• To enhance stability & reliability margin of transmission network between Central and Southwest Region.
Scope of Work1. 400kV transmission line: 490 ckt km
2. Installation of 1000 MVA Power transformer
3. 400 kV Bay Extension: 8 nos
4. 230 kV Bay Extension: 2 nos
Project CostTotal : 420396.76 Lakh BDT
Financed by/DonorRequested from ADB.
Present StatusPDPP was sent to Planning Commission.
Estimated DurationJuly, 2019 to June, 2022