Transmission Network Construction Project for Bangabandhu Hi-Tech City and Economic Zones in Cox’s Bazar Area
Objective(s)• To supply reliable and adequate power to the Bangabandhu Hi-Tech city.
• To ensure reliable power source to the Economic Zones of BEZA at Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong areas.
• To evacuate the power generated from the upcoming power plants in the adjacent regions.
Scope of Work1. 230 kV GIS Substation: 2 nos
2. 132/33 kV GIS Substation: 2 nos. 2x80/120 MVA, 1 no 3x80/120 MVA
3. 230 kV line: 243 circuit km
4. 132 kV line: 140 circuit km
5. 132 kV shunt reactor: 2x50 MVAR
Project CostTotal : 159057.32 Lakh BDT
Financed by/DonorGOB
Present StatusDPP was sent to Power Division.
Estimated DurationJanuary, 2019 to June, 2022