Expansion and Strengthening of Power System Network under Chittagong Area
Objective(s)• To improve CTG city power supply reliability
• To meet growing demand of CTG City Adjacent Area
Scope of Work1. 230/132/33 kV GIS SS:2 nos(2x350/450 MVA, 3x80/120 MVA)
2. 230/132kV GIS Switching:1 no.
3. 400 kV Line: 54 Ckt. km. (OH & UG)
4. 230kV U/G line: 44 Ckt. km
5. 230kV bay extension: 2 no's
Project CostTotal Cost : 223615.85 Lakh BDT
Financed by/DonorExpected from AIIB.
Present StatusPSC meeting was held on Power Division.
Estimated DurationJanuary, 2019 to June, 2022