Institutional Strengthening of PGCB
Objective(s)i. To improve the quality of services delivered by PGCB through capacity development and institutional strengthening approach.
ii. To enhance institutional resources of the PGCB to improve utility performance, capacity development, institutional strengthening, financial management, operational skill improvement.
iii. To strengthen the capacity of technical and non-technical employees engaged in PGCB and enable them to manage the utilities effectively and achieve organizational goal efficiently.
Scope of WorkThe project will support PGCB to improve its technical expertise skill development and related departments are: System Protection department, System Planning division, Project Planning division, CNST and SCADA division, Research and Technical services department, Design and Quality Control department, Project department and Human Resource department. Along with this technical capacity development, financial capacity development is also included in the program.
Project CostTotal: 2596.54 Lakh BDT GoB: 88.08 Lakh BDT Project Aid: 2333.44 Lakh BDT PGCB: 175.02 Lakh BDT
Development PartnerWorld Bank, GoB & PGCB
Present StatusPhysical : 100 %
Financial : 100 %

Estimated DurationJanuary, 2016 to June, 2019
Project officeProject Director: Mohammad Shahid Hossain, Superintending Engineer
Address: 80, Mohakhali C/A (1st Floor), Dhaka-1212.
Mobile: +88-01713-069-186
Telephone: 02-9859626, 02-9861492