Western Grid Network Development Project
Objective(s)i. To establish a 230 kV transmission link between Rajshahi & Ishurdi.
ii. To establish a 132 kV transmission link between Gollamari & Gopalganj
iii. To establish a 132 kV transmission link between Bangura & Baghabari.
iv. To supply reliable power to Bangura, Satkhira & Madaripur area.
v. To create power evacuation facilities for future generating plants at Khulna.To cater the growing demand of Barindra area (Rajshahi).
vi. To reduce the loading of the existing 132 kV Rajshahi-Natore line.
vii. To meet up the growing demand of Rangpur area.
Scope of Work1. 230 kV Transmission Line: 82.15 km
2. 132 kV Transmission Line: 236.31 km
3. 230 kV Substations: 2nos, 1200 MVA
4. 132 kV Substations: 3 nos, 450 MVA
5. 132 kV Bay Extensions: 8 nos
Project CostTotal: 130883.05 Lakh BDT GoB: 29802.86 Lakh BDT Project Aid: 58281.66 Lakh BDT PGCB: 42798.52 Lakh BDT
Development PartnerKfW
Present StatusPhysical: 74.31 %
Financial: 46.32%

Estimated DurationJanuary, 2016 to June, 2020
Project officeProject Director : Md. Shafiullah, Superintending Engineer
Project Office : NLDC Building (5th Floor), Aftabnagar, Dhaka-1212
Mobile : +88-01730-029-317
Email : pd-wgndp@pgcb.org.bd