132 kV Grid Network Development Project in Eastern Region.
Objective(s)i. To increase the power supply reliability of Mymensingh area.
ii. To reduce dependency on Ashuganj-Kishorganj 132kV line.
iii. To evacuate the Power from the upcoming Power Plant in Mymensingh area.
iv. To meet the growing demand of Rangamati, Khagrachari, Beanibazar & Sunamganj.
v. To supply reliable power to Hill Tract area.
vi. To minimize the accumulation of huge power at Ashuganj 132 kV bus bar.
vii. To minimize the overloading of existing Ashuganj-Ghorasal 132 kV transmission line
viii. To strengthen the power evacuation arrangement & increase power supply stability, reliability & transmission capability in Ashuganj & Ghorasal area.
Scope of Work1. 132 kV double circuit line : 237 km
2. 132 kV single circuit line : 58 km
3. 132/33 kV SS: 4 nos.
4. 132 kV Bay Extension: 17 nos.
5. 132 kV Bay Modification: 3 nos.
6. Conversion of Single Bus-bar configuration into Double Bus-bar at 132/33 kV S/S
7. Installation of one 132/33 kV 75 MVA transformer
Project CostTotal: BDT 98256.59 Lakh BDT GoB: BDT 17442.81 Lakh BDT Project Aid: BDT 68087.69 Lakh BDT PGCB: BDT 12726.09 Lakh BDT
Development PartnerADB, GoB & PGCB
Present StatusPhysical : 100 %
Financial : 100 %

Estimated DurationJanuary, 2013 to December, 2018
Project officeProject Director: Md. Shafiullah
Address: NLDC Building (5th Floor), Aftabnagar, Rampura(Badda) Dhaka-1212,
Mobile: +88-01730-029-317
E-mail: pd-gndp@pgcb.org.bd