Matarbari Ultra Super Critical Coal-Fired Power Project (II) (PGCB Part: “Matarbari-Madunaghat 400 kV Transmission Line”)
Objective(s)The main objectives of the project are to create facilities to evacuate power from upcoming Matarbari 1200 MW Power Station and to create power transmission capacity/ facility between Matarbari and Madunaghat.
Scope of WorkTo construct 400kV transmission line.
Project CostTotal: 109080.90 Lakh BDT GoB: 22360.67 Lakh BDT PA: 78710.02 Lakh BDT PGCB: 8010.21 Lakh BDT
Development PartnerJICA
Present StatusPhysical: 17.32%
Financial: 7.89%
Estimated DurationJuly, 2017 to December, 2020
Project officeProject Director : Morshed Alam Khan, Superintending Engineer
Office : NLDC Building, 6th Floor, PGCB, Aftab Nagar, Merul Badda,Dhaka
Mobile : 01799985286
E-mail :