Grid Interconnection between Bangladesh (Bheramara) and India (Baharampur)
Objective(s)i)To establish a Grid Interconnection between Bangladesh & India for facilitating exchange of electricity as and when it is possible & feasible.
ii) To meet up the ever increasing demand of electricity for socio economic development in both the countries.
Scope of Work400 kV Line: 27.3 km Double Circuit
230 kV Line In/Out: 4.5 km
Substation: 500 MW HVDC (Back-to Back)
Project CostTotal: 1579.83 crore BDT, GOB: 451.20 crore BDT, PGCB : 217.93 crore BDT, PA : 910.70 crore BDT
Development PartnerADB, PGCB, GOB
Completion DateJuly, 2010 to June, 2014