Transmission Efficiency Improvement through Reactive Power Compensation at Grid Substations and Reinforcement of Goalpara Substation
Objective(s)1) To Prevent Transmission Voltage collapse.
2) To Deload Grid Transformer and Transmission System.
3) To reduce Transmission Loss.
4) To improve Overall Transmission Efficiency.
Scope of WorkCapacitor Bank: 600 MVAR (in 33 kV side of 26 S/S)
Bay Extension: 45 nos. (33 kV side)
Reinforcement of S/S: 1 nos. (132/33 kV)
Project CostTotal: 218.43 crore BDT, GoB: 64.7285 crore BDT, PGCB: 13.8986 crore BDT, PA: 139.7995 crore BDT
Development PartnerKfW, GOB, PGCB
Completion DateJan, 2008 to June, 2014