Bibiyana - Comilla (North) 230 kV Transmission Line Project
Objective(s)i) To evacuate the surplus Power of Sylhet&Fenchuganj Area to the national grid.\r\nii) To deliver more power to Comilla& Chittagong area from Sylhet.
iii) To reduce the overloading of existing transmission lines in Sylhet& its adjacent area.
iv) To relieve the existing "Ashuganj-Comilla 230 kV transmission line" from overloading.
v) To reduce the transmission loss to some extent.
Scope of Worki) Construction of Bibiyana-Comilla (North) double Circuit 230 kV Transmission Line:153.632 km.
ii) Construction of two nos. of 230 kV bay extension at existing Comilla (North) 230/132 kV Substation at 230kV side.
Project CostTotal: 369.50crore, GoB (FE): 229.95 crore, PGCB (FE): 139.55 crore
Development PartnerGOB, PGCB
Completion DateOct, 2010 to June, 2013