Joydevpur-Kabirpur-Tangail 132 kV Transmission Line Project
Objective(s)• To ensure adequate and stable supply of electrical energy to areas under Kabirpur and Tangail substations.
• To improve the voltage profile at Tangail, Manikganj&Kabirpur Sub-Stations and to solve the low-voltage problem of the project areas.
• To create the alternative way of feeding the Kabirpur and Tangail sub-stations directly from Ghorasal Power Station via Ghorasal-Joydevpur 132 kV double circuit line, thereby reducing the possiblity of over-loading the Ghorashal-Tongi 230 kV line as well as Tongi 230/132 kV sub-station.
Scope of Work1) Extension of Joydebpur 132/33 kV Substation with GIS Bay
2) Construction of Joydevpur-Kabirpur-Tangail 132 kV double circuit Transmission Line.
Project CostTotal: 152.95crore BDT, GOB: 23.99crore BDT, Project Aid: 128.96 crore BDT
Development PartnerGOB, DANIDA (Mixed Credit)
Completion Date 2004-05 to 2006-07