Khulna-Ishurdi and Bogra-Barapukuria 230 kV Transmission Line Project
Objective(s)1)To transmit electrical energy to western region as per demand.
2) To increase the system capacity & stability.
3) To transmit electricity generated from Barapukuria 300 MW coal based Thermal Power Station.
4) To reduce technical loss of electricity and improvement of voltage level.
5) To transmit electrical energy among the major load centers.
Scope of Work1. Khulna Central-Khulna South Double ckt 132 kV Transmission Line.
2. Khulna 230/132 kV Substation.
3. Barapukuria 230/132 kV Substation.
4. Barapukuria-Rangpur and Barapukuria-Saidpur 132 kV Transmission Line.
5. Khulna-Ishurdi&Bogra-Barapukuria 230 kV double circuit Transmission Line.
6. Bogra 230/132 kV S/S.
Project CostTotal: 835.65crore BDT, GOB: 332.19crore BDT, Project Aid: 503.46 crore BDT
Development PartnerADB, Kfw, NDF, SIDA, Supplier's Credit –GOB & PGCB
Completion Date2001-02 to 2007-08