Comilla-Meghnaghat-Haripur 230 kV Transmission Line and Turn in and out at Rampura of Existing Ghorasal-Haripur 230 kV Transmission Line Project
Objective(s)a. To enhance transmission of electrical energy from the proposed 450 MW Meghnaghat power plant to Dhaka and Chittagong including other areas of eastern grid.
b. To avoid overloading of Ullon S/S and Ashuganj-Ghorasal 230 kV transmission line.
c. To enhance transmission of electrical energy from Siddhirganj 210 MW power plant towards in greater Dhaka.
d. To Increase the stability, transmission capacity and reliability of eastern grid specially in greater Dhaka region.
e. To reduce technical loss of 132 kV transmission line and improvement of voltage level.
f. To construct a 230 kV transmission facility to provide alternative routes other than Ashuganj-Ghorasal-Tongi 230 kV lines for transmission of electrical energy between the major load centres like Dhaka and Chittagong.
Scope of Worka) 230 kV Transmission line: 97.60 km
b) New 230/132 kV Sub-station at Rampura
c) Extension of 230/132 kV Sub-station: 8 bays
Project CostTotal: 374.33crore BDT, GOB: 180.45 crore BDT, Project Aid: 193.88 crore
Development PartnerGOB, ADB
Completion Date1997-1998 to 2002-2003