Bid NoName of the WorkOpening DateLast Date Of Submission
    Grid/Khulna-13a/2014/503 Repair and protection work of boundary wall, security post, Barbed wire fence and painting of transformer and other power structure under GMD-Khulna 24-12-2014 24-12-2014 12:00AM(BST)
    Grid(East)/pro-10/2014/962 Auction of Unusable materials at Haripur 230/130kV Substation 22-12-2014 22-12-2014 12:00AM(BST)
    PGCB/PNS/2014/986 Supply of a Ambulance vehicles for PGCB Head office 22-12-2014 22-12-2013 11:00AM(BST)
    262/GMD/Rang/14-15/419 Repairing and painting work of ansar barrak, kitchen room, control room, re-construction work of boundary wall and more works under GMD-Rangpur 18-12-2014 18-12-2014 12:30AM(BST)
    PGCB-SE(Civil Works)-Tender-9-2014-823 Construction of boundary wall (East Part), approach road & drain at Saver 132/33kV Grid Sub-station, Saver, Dhaka. 08-12-2014 08-12-2014 12:30AM(BST)