Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB) is responsible for Operation, Maintenance and Development of the transmission system of the Country for distribution of generated electricity.
Electricity Transmission
The main operating function of PGCB is wheeling of energy from BPDB power stations and Generation Companies to Distribution entities utilizing transmission network. PGCB gets its energy wheeling charge from its clients(distribution entities) at the rate fixed by Bangladesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (BERC).\r\n\r\nThe PGCB took over about 1144 circuit km of 230 kV lines, 5255 circuit km of 132 kV lines, 6 nos of 230/132 kV substation and 63 nos of 132/33 kV substations from BPDB and DESA in different phases. Transmission lines of the company up to June, 2016 are stood at 220.70 ckt km of 400 kV lines, 3185.166 circuit km of 230 kV lines, 6401.628 circuit km of 132 kV lines and 1 nos of 400 kV Station , substations, 1 nos of 400/230kV subtation, 19nos of 230/132 kV substation and 90 nos of 132/33 kV substations.\r\n\r\nThe company has taken infrastructure development projects for further development of its operation. After successful completion of the projects the capacity of PG