E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    271203 Repair-maintenance of Barbed wire fencing and Control room building at Joypurhat 132/33kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Bogura.
    271201 Repair & Maintenance of Old Boundary Wall Cable Trench Slab Technical Staff Room Training Room Store and Ansar Barrack at Bogura 132/33 kV Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Bogura.
    271050 Repair and maintenance work (Including paint & replacing of barbed wire) of boundary wall at Baraulia Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Chattogram (North).
    270180 Construction of Duty Post & Watch Tower at Barishal 132/33kV Grid Substation & Bhandaria 132/33kV Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Barishal.
    269728 Supplying fitting and fixing vertical venetian blinds for 2nd 3rd & 4th floor of PGCB head office building at Aftabnagar, Rampura, Dhaka
    269521 Procurement of desktop, printer, software, scanner & other accessories for different offices of PGCB.
    268895 and Installation work of Deep tube-well at Hathazari Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Chattogram (North), Chattogram.
    268383 Supply of Different type of Electric goods at Central store GMD, PGCB, Comilla.
    267791 Erection Anti Climbing Device ACD at Bakulia-Sikalbaha and Bakulia-Khulshi transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Chattogram Central.
    267625 Repair and maintenance work (Such as replacing of damage false ceiling & CI sheet roofing) at Baraulia Grid Substation under GMD, Chattogram (North), PGCB, Chattogram.
    267084 Construction of Enclosed Room for 2nd Floor of PGCB Head Office Building at NLDC Premises, Aftabnagar, Dhaka.
    266725 Supply of 4 Nos. Intact Sealed SF6 Gas Cylinder (filled with minimm 50 kg of SF6 Gas) for GMD, PGCB, Dhaka North.
    266232 Carrying, installation, testing and commissioning of 132/33 kV 48/64 MVA Dachi Transformer from Baro Awlia grid substation under GMD, PGCB, Chattogram (North) in place of 132/33 kV 25/41 TBEA transformer at Modunaghat grid substation under GMD, PGCB, Chattogram (South).
    266156 Fire extinguisher refilling repair and maintenance works at 7 Nos grid substation under GMD, PGCB, Jhenaidah.
    266102 Supply of fire fighting equipment CO2 Gas cylinder for different sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Ishwardi.
    265892 Cutting Jungles Bushes etc. in different areas of Control room store switch yard Colony Boundary wall etc at Comilla (N) Grid Substation Under GMD, PGCB, Comilla.
    265650 Repair and maintenance of Ansar Barak of 132/33kV Feni Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Comilla.
    265636 Procurement of different types test equipment for Research & Technical Services (RTS) department, PGCB.
    265162 Repair maintenance & painting of control room dismantling the existing unserviceable /damaged main gate & construction of a new gate at Mymensingh grid sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    265154 Anticorrosive painting work of Tower No. 01 to 151 at 230 kV Comilla (N) -Meghnaghat transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Comilla.