E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    20771 Extension of 02 (Two) Rooms for Ansar Barak at Madaripur Grid Substation under GMD, Faridpur.
    20770 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of 2 nos. split type air cooler for pabna 132/33kV grid substation control room under GMD, PGCB,Ishwardi.
    20569 Repair the roof slab of permanent store no.2 of Tangail 132/33 kV Grid substation including maintenance of the same.
    20562 Removal of extra soil from Tower Legs( few legs) and Painting the Tower legs of Kabirpur -Tangail 132 kV Transmission Line (Tangail Part).
    20541 Supply & Storing of Silica gel for different 230 & 132 kV Grid Substation under Grid Maintenance Division Dhaka North.
    20540 Replacement of missing tower members & rust protection painting on Tower legs of Ashuganj-Serajganj 230 kV Transmission line(Tangail part).
    20539 Base Protection work of tower no. 7 of 132 kV Dohazari-Coxsbazar Transmission Line of GMD, Chittagong (South).
    20524 Repair and maintenance work of tower base and drain of 864 and 866 no tower of Madunaghat-Kaptai 132 kV Transmission Line of GMD, Chittagong (South).
    20494 Repair and maintenance work of tower base and drain of tower no. 911, 912 and 933 of 132 kV Madunaghat-Kaptai Transmission Line of GMD, Chittagong (South).
    20189 Supply & Commissioning of 01 Set (60 Cell) Lead Acid 200 Ampare Hour Battery, Electrolyte, Rack & Accessories for Netrakona S/S. under GMD, Mymensingh.
    20156 Construction of Cable Trance in Shahjibazar Grid Substation under GMD, Sreemongal.
    20081 Repair, maintenance and painting work of residential building at shahmirpur Grid sub-station under GMD, Chittagong (Central). Civil Repair and Maintenance and painting work.
    20064 Supply of 01 (One) No. 110Vot, 60Ampare Battery Charger for DC System of Jamalpur Grid S/S. under GMD, Mymensingh.
    19864 Indication of Circuit No. Tower No. & Danger at Tower Leg Angles of Transmission Line under GMD, Faridpur.
    19840 Repair and Maintenance work of Khulshi-Madunaghat 132kV line-1 at Tower No. 38 under Khulshi Grid Substation, GMD, Ctg. (North).
    19821 Gravelling Works of Switch Yard under Mymensingh Grid Substation.
    19811 Purchase of Measuring Equipments for Three Grid Substation under GMD, Faridpur.
    19713 Installation of
    19697 Repair and Maintenance of Old Tin Shade Store Room of Sylhet Grid Substation.
    19562 Supply of 500 kg Silica Gel for Power Transformer under GMD, Dhaka (North-West).