E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    16973 Repair & Maintenance of Divisional Office of GMD, Sreemongal.
    16971 Tower leg painting of 132 kV Sylhet-Chhatak transmission line tower no. 733 to 764.
    16970 Re-Filling, Servicing and Supply of Fire Extinguisher for different Installation under GMD, PGCB, Sreemongal.
    16965 A 15/20 MVA Transformer and it
    16963 Entrance road of Dormitory building and open yard store construction works of Brahmanbaria Grid Sub-station.
    16902 Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of one nos. 250 kVA, 33/0.415 kV Auxiliary Transformer at Joydebpur 132/33 kV Grid Sub-station.
    16827 Installation of a Toilet for technical staff attached to the staff room at 132/33 kV Joydebpur Grid Sub-station.
    16826 Resetting of displaced vibration dampers of phase conductor, cleaning the Insulators, Checking the nut-bolts and Jumper loops of angle Tower of 132 kV Joydebpur-Gorashal 132 kV Transmission Line.
    16825 Installation of anti climbing guard at Transmission Towers of 132 kV Joydebpur-Gorashal 132 kV Transmission Line.
    16774 Construction of Fencing around extension portion of Natore 132/33KV Grid Sub-station switchyard, Natore
    16269 Repair and maintenance work of Boundary wall & Anser Barak 132/33kV at Chandragona Grid Sub-station, Chittagong.
    16244 Repair and maintenance work of Control room building, Store building & Boundary wall at 132/33kV Cox
    16235 Repair and Maintenance work (Floor tiles and other maintenance works) of GMD Office building at GMD Chittagong(South), Madunaghat, Chittagong.
    16142 Repair and maintenance work septic tank, Boundary wall barbed wire and guard room at 132/33kV Madunaghat Grid Sub-station, Chittagong.
    15963 Repair and Maintenance of Control Room Building at Madaripur 132kv Grid Sub-station under GMD, Faridpur.
    15854 Supply of Branded Desktop Computer, Laptop, Printer and UPS
    15818 F-1 Type Building Maintenance of Sylhet Grid Substation.
    15792 656 No. Tower Foundation Maintenance of Fenchuganj-Sylhet Transmission Line under Sylhet Grid Substation.
    15752 upply & Installation of Submersible Pump & Water Line for Residential Area, Rest House and Mosque of GMD, Sreemongal.
    15662 Painting of 02 (two) nos (T-1 & T-2, 25/41MVA, 132/33kv) Three Phase Transformers along all accessories at Gopalgonj 132/33 kv Grid Sub-station under GMD, Faridpur.