E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    281501 Tower leg painting works of Mymensingh-Jamalpur transmission line line under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    281141 Construction of a new Guard Room with toilet at Kishoreganj grid sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    281124 Water drainage system updating works, Earth cutting, supply, fitting & fixing of PVC pipe at Netrakona grid sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    281103 Tower leg painting and Re-enforcement Work for 230 kV Ghorashal-Ishwardi transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Dhaka-North.
    280754 Collection of gravels removal of vegetation cleaning screening them & replace the gravels repair & maintenance of GCB pad at Mymensingh grid sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    280728 Transportation, Installation, Errection, Testing and Commissioning of 01 (one) 132/33 kV, 25/41 MVA Transformer from Jamalpur grid substation to Tangail grid substation with associated supply and works.
    279628 Dismantling & removing of existing defective 25/41 MVA T-3 Transformer & Installing testing commissioning of 25/41 MVA Xinxian TBEA China Tranfsformer at Kishoreganj grid substation under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    279438 Installation Testing & Commissioning of 132 kV & 33 kV control panel relay panel New bay equipment and 132/33 kV 50/75 MVA power transformer to increase capacity of Narsingdi substation under GMD, PGCB, Dhaka-East.
    279413 Dismantling of 02 (two) old towers of 132 kV Dohazari-Cox\'s Bazar transmission line near Cox\'s Bazar grid substation and supply & installation of 01 (one) new tower- Type 1DT6 E9 and 07 (seven) new poles- Type 1D1P, 1DT9P, 1DT6P (line rerouting) for construction of cox\'s bazar railway station.
    279373 Coloring of tower No. 33 & 40 of Shikalbaha-Dohazari 132 kV transmission line and tower no. 34 of T.K.-Shikalbaha 132 kV transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Ctattogram (South).
    278308 Supply of various types of light for different sub-station & open yard under GMD, PGCB, Mymensingh.
    277255 Supply, Installation & Integration of Network Equipment for PGCB New Head office Building at Rampura, Dhaka (2nd, 3rd & 4th Floor).
    276193 Tower leg (normal/ angle/ section) maintenance (Angle welding and fabrication) & painting of 230 kV Ishwardi-Ghorasal transmission line (7 Nos.) tower under GMD, PGCB, Ishwardi.
    276153 Earthing work at Faridpur 132/33 kV Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Faridpur.
    276153 Leg protection work of FaridpurMadaripur 132 kV transmission line Tower No. 382 & Faridpur-Bheramara 132 kV transmission line Tower No. 176 under GMD, PGCB, Faridpur.
    274416 Repair, maintenance & commissioning of 33 kV capacitor bank along with supply, installation testing and commissioning of necessary items at Tongi 230/132/33 kV grid substation as per Direction of Engineer in Charge.
    274329 Construction of concrete pillar for protection of tower number 28 of Kabirpur-Kaliakoir 132 kV transmission line under GMD, PGCB, Dhaka-North as per Direction of Engineer in Charge.
    274303 Painting work of 132 kV & 230 kV switch yard equipment\'s rusted structure (LA CVT CT DS CB & All M.K Box etc.) & CT body at Tongi grid sub-station.
    273265 Repair & maintenance of boundary wall roof of control room & associated area of Manikganj grid sub station under GMD, PGCB, Aricha.
    272744 Supplying of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguishers used for Different Grid Sub-stations under GMD, PGCB, Bogura.