PGCB At a glance
Corporate OfficeInstitute of Engineers Bangladesh (IEB) Bhaban (New), 4th, 11th, 12th and 13th floor, 8/A Ramna, Dhaka - 1000
Year of Incorporation1996 [C-31820(941)/96]
StatusPublic Limited Company
BusinessTransmission of Power
Authorized CapitalTk. 10 Billion
Paid-up CapitalTk. 4609.13 Million
Turnover (2016-2017)Tk. 14368.35 Million
Net Profit before tax & WPPF (2016-2017)Tk. 3019.85 Million
Present Manpower as on June, 20172413 persons
Transmission Line as on: December, 2017
400kv559.758 Circuit km
230kv3324.994 Circuit km
132kv6652.628 Circuit km
Substation as on: December, 2017
400kv 1 Nos. 500MW HVDC Back to Back station
400/230kv 2 Nos. 1560 MVA
400/132kv 1 Nos. 650 MVA
230/132kv 19 Nos. 9675 MVA
132/33kv 91 Nos. 14887.5 MVA
Last Five years achievement
400kv Substation1 Nos: 500Mw HVDC Back to Back station
400/230kv Substation2 Nos. 1560MVA
400/132kv Substation1 Nos. 650 MVA
230/132kv Substation5 Nos:2300 MVA
132/33kv Substation13 Nos. 5055 MVA
400kv Transmission Line559.758 Circuit km
230kv Transmission Line699.098 Circuit km
132kv Transmission Line787.69 Circuit km