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    E-Tender ID Name of the Work
    86108 Construction of partition wall in the open space of lift elivator door 5th to 10 th floor and aother related works at NLDC Bhaban
    84299 Repair and maintenance of Boundary wall and approach road at Polashbari 132/33kV Grid Substation under GMD, PGCB, Bogra
    84298 Repair and maintenance of Pump house Store building Control & Security room with Soil removing from boundary wall at Sirajgonj 132/33KV Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    84297 Supplying of high grade Energy saving Sodium vapor and Metal halide lamp for Office Control Room & Switch yard lighting of different Grid Substations under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    84296 Supplying of Carbon Dioxide CO2 Fire Extinguishers & Gas Masks used for different Grid Sub-stations under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    84224 Re-filling & Servicing of different types of expired Fire Extinguisher Cylinder used at different Grid Sub-stations Office & Store under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    83931 Construction of chain link fencing of open yard store at Joypurhat 132/33kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    83930 Supplying of high grade crystal silica gel used for maintenance purpose of Transformers at different 230 & 132 kV Grid Sub-stations under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    83929 Repair and maintenance of Lighting System of Switchyard Control Room and RPC Building at Bogra 132/33kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    83926 Tower Leg Muffling and Painting of Bogra-Palashbari & Palashbari-Rangpur 132kV Transmission Lines under GMD, PGCB, Bogra.
    83869 Supply & installation of 132kV & 33kV switchgear and associate Bay Equipments for 132/33kV T-5 Transformer at Saidpur Grid Sub-station under GMD, Rangpur.
    83351 Chain link fencing work to north side of the 230kV and 132kV Switchyard at Aminbazar 230/132kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    83166 Cold/film galvanization work with necessary reinforcement of H-beam of rusted injurious towers of Ghorasal-Ishurdi 230kV Transmission Line (1st EWI).
    82884 Repair and maintenance of main gate and rising the height of main entrance road at GMD office area of GMD, PGCB, Sreemongal
    82671 Replacing existing control room CI sheet door with glass door and Anser Barak maintenance work at Natore 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi.
    82581 Tower Leg painting works with anti corrosive epoxy paint of Kallyanpur-Aminazar 132kV transmission line form tower No.-1 to tower No.-14 total 14 Nos tower under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    82511 Replacement of existing 22 & 23 No. Suspension Tower, Tower Dismantling and accessories work of 132kV Mirpur-Aminbazar double circuit line at Eastern Housing area at Mirpur 132/33kV Grid Sub-station under GMD, Dhaka (North-West), PGCB.
    82305 Supply of 33kV CT (two types) for different Grid Substations of Power Grid Company of Bangldesh Ltd.
    82243 Repair and maintenance work of GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi office building with footpath construction.
    82213 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Ni-Cd battery and battery charger for 125 Volt DC system at Naogaon 132/33 kV Grid Sub-Station under GMD, PGCB, Rajshahi.